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Challenge.  We say we want “something that challenges us” especially in relation to a job or adventure.  But we often believe it’s someone else’s responsibility to challenge us.  

Comfort.   We all like comfort although we know that it often leads to complacency, boredom and even laziness. 

Explore.  We declare we want to explore and discover new things and we call ourselves insights “leaders” but often we’re only rehashing what someone else has discovered or delving into the things that we’re already comfortable with.

As a challenge to my team to not become too comfortable with who we are and what we know and where we explore; we will be delving into new experiences that are certainly outside the box for us.  What I want to do is force us outside of our comfort zones.  Experience things that we don’t experience on a day-to-day basis, build trust in one another as a team and help us to understand that we need to constantly be pushing ourselves to explore and create new opportunities for our clients.   The only way this will be a learning experience is if we all support one another through our fears and insecurities which is part of what 2balance is all about.

Tomorrow we will start our first exercise and we hope you will participate along with us.  Read our blogs, call to join us and make recommendations on what you would like to see us tackle.