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ANDREA When Sheri pulled out “Pinkie,” her pink 38 revolver, and said that we were headed to the shooting range, I got so tickled at the thought of these four girlie women in dresses and heels headed to target practice.  I think the security woman at the target range was as surprised as we were to see us and she let us know that we were not her typical clientele.  Kate (who cannot navigate Springfield any longer after being gone less than a year) volunteered me to go first.  I was very nervous.  After donning the attractive glasses and ear protectors, they sent me into the freezing cold shooting gallery.  Randy spent a few minutes teaching me how to shoot and then let me go for it.  Again, I was very nervous.  As soon as I shot the first bullet, my entire body reacted.  My ears hurt from the incredible explosion, my body had adrenaline rushing through it and I began to sweat profusely.  I couldn’t wait to get the gun out of my hands and sat it down immediately while announcing “I don’t like this.”  I was told I needed to shoot one more time.  Again, I was very nervous.  But, I also was determined to experience this more fully and picked up the gun and fired again and again and again.  I became more comfortable with each bullet but also began to realize the incredible weapon that I was holding and the magnitude of damage that is possible.  I gained a new respect for firearms and their power.  I was happy to finish my round and get away from “Pinkie” but also appreciated the opportunity to try something that was out of my comfort zone.  It was not a physical challenge, but a mental one, and I was proud that I was able to complete something that frightened and challenged me.

KATE Talk about something outside of my comfort zone–today was my first time shooting a gun and it was such a rush.  But I very much felt the weight of responsibility in handling the gun (in spite of the fact that it was pink) and was quite nervous.  I don’t think it’s such a bad thing to be nervous about shooting a gun. While I hope I never have to use one, I’m glad to know that I can.  (Andrea, I still know my way around Springfield.  I just can’t talk and drive at the same time, proving my husband right.)

JACKIE What a rush.  I was asked to reach beyond my normal day today and do something challenging, something that was new to me.  Shooting a .38 revolver, pink no less, definitely fit the bill.  I was surprised by the power and humbled by the power of that little gun.  Such a tiny action–to pull the trigger, but oh what a powerful reaction.  I was fearful, nervous and elated all at the same time.  I guess that is the essence of a challenge, to push through the fear so that we can feel the elation of conquering that which scares us.

SHERI Yes, I own a pink revolver.  It was a “gift” and something I never expected to have in my possession.  I’ve been fearful of anything more powerful than a BB gun my entire life.  But here it was – a gift.  I put it away and didn’t think about it and then after hearing about recent home invasions decided that I should at least know how to shoot it if for some horrible circumstance I was forced to protect myself or my loved ones.  And so off I went to my first visit to the gun range at Bass Pro. I loaded it twice and fired and was a good shot.  I then took it home and put it away.  Until yesterday.  When thinking about our first 2bChallenge, I decided that it was time to pull “Pinkie” back out and let everyone experience what I had.  The first thing I noticed was that shooting a gun was nothing like I imagined from all the movies and television programs I had watched over the years.  A revolver is much more powerful than I anticipated.  It demonstrated true life is nothing like the movies.  It made me understand that I could be hurt as well as the target I was aiming it.  It reminded me of the responsibility that I had while handling a little pink revolver.  It confirmed that I could do things that were completely outside of my everyday world and do them well.   I think the team all learned something about themselves in this first 2bChallange.  And we all learned that Kate can hit a bullseye on her first shot…