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ANDREA     When I found out we were going to ride the new zip line in Branson, I had mixed feelings: excitement and fear.  On the car ride down, Kate (ever the investigator) shared with us all sorts of information about the new zip line including that it has the highest ZipRider launch point in the world and that we would be traveling at 50 mph.  That did not help with my fear.  However, once we arrived at the tower and I saw that it was enclosed and that we would be bundled in a secure seat, I suddenly felt calm.  As the attendant helped each of us into our zip line seat and gave us several safety instructions, I felt one last wave of nervousness but suddenly the gates were opened and the four of us were flying!  I loved the speed and the height and of course, the amazing view as we flew down the zip line.  I looked over and could see Jackie with a great smile on her face and then as we approached the end, Kate went flying by all of us, loving every minute of it!  It was great 2B challenge that again showed that stepping outside of your comfort zone can allow you to experience something wonderful that you might have otherwise missed.

KATE     Our latest 2balance team challenge pushed all of us well outside our comfort zones.  Even our fearless leader demonstrated a little fear anticipating a ride on the Vigilante ZipRider.  While the goal of these monthly challenges is to create new experiences and gain a different perspective, sailing off a 230-foot tower together with your teammates is certainly a bonding moment. The dread began as we approached Shepherd of the Hills and see the height of the tower and continues as we signed waivers listing every possible scenario, much like the disclaimers on drug commercials.  It wasn’t really fun, although very scenic, standing on the platform waiting to be strapped in to the harness but the worst/best point was when your knees are pushed against the gate and the gate gives way.  Major adrenalin rush. Then you start the amazing glide down the line and it is so thrilling but very enjoyable with a great view of the beautiful Ozarks.  I am so ready to go again. The next time Mom uses that old adage, “If Sheri jumped off a cliff, would you follow her?,” I’d have to say yes!


JACKIE    EXTREME zip line was the name of our 2b Challenge this month.  It certainly lived up to its name.  Before arriving at Shepherd of the Hills, Sheri and Kate provided some background on Vigilante – our chosen zip line.  “Tallest launch point in the world of ZipRiders.” “Only ten like it in the world.”  The questions were plentiful too, “will it be really fast or can I enjoy the scenery?”  “Just how high is it?” “Can we really do this?”  The ride to the top of the tower was thrilling for me.  Although I don’t mind heights it was clear we were not about to embark on a kiddie ride.  Strapped in, knees against the gate I experienced several emotions at once but underneath it all was pure excitement.  I couldn’t wait for the gate to open.  The ride was exhilarating, flying through the air, nothing but Ozark Mountains below me.  It was wonderful but as with most adventures, it ended much too quickly.   I won’t soon forget the feel of the wind in my face, the sound of the zip line, the beauty of our landscape or the smile on Kate’s face as she sailed past me to win the race to the bottom.

SHERI     I wanted to enjoy my summer this year.  I hate cold weather more and more and was looking forward to all that summer has to offer.  I wanted to be outside with friends and be active.   I went to Whitewater with a friend and we rode ever ride including the seven story high slide.  I jumped off a 30+ food cliff with other friends and nearly broke my leg and now we were going on the Vigilante ZipRider.  And I’m afraid of heights!  I guess because of the horrible feel of the fall with the two previous adventures, I was the one the most nervous of the zip line when we were being harnessed in at the Shepherd of the Hills Inspiration Tower.  It terrified me!  But when they opened the chutes and we were set free to sail, I LOVED it.  I learned exactly what I was hoping to learn.  We can have bad experiences that make us afraid to try something new and amazing.   The same holds true for love, friendships, adventures and work.  Someone referred to our 2bChalleges as “team building” but I call it “client building”.  We at 2balance have built an environment where we go to work each and every day with our dear friends.  We have a supportive environment that I can’t imagine being any better than what we experience every day.  Our 2bChallenge is designed to push us outside of our fears and try something new so that we’re always looking for adventures and something outside the ordinary to help our client’s brand.  Maybe in the coming weeks we’ll be inspired to create some Vigilante, free-sailing branding opportunities for our adventuresome clients!   In the meantime I wonder what the next 2bChallenge will be.   And thanks to our team that will jump right off the cliff with me!