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It’s surprising to me the path companies will go down to supposedly “market” their brand. And often marketing or ad agencies condone efforts that to me are counterproductive to their client’s best interests and ultimately push a competitor to the forefront of the consumer’s mind. I call it “as good as” marketing. You’ve seen the signs – “We’ll match (insert competitor)’s price.” This tells the consumer you’re trying to be as good as your competition.
What are the problems with this type of approach? First your competitor can fire their marketing agency because they don’t need it. They have you to advertise their name and brand. I recently passed a business with a huge banner on it. The first thing that stood out was the competition’s name. I had to look twice to see why that business was advertising for their competition. Next I wondered why they had to take this approach. Can’t they stand on their own merits? Are they not quite as good as their competition but scrambling to catch up?
In these economic times, many people are brand hopping to find the best value but there are still those that are looking for the overall experience. If the same price is being offered, but your competition has far better customer service, more knowledgeable staff, well-displayed aisles, and a great marketing plan; it’s safe to say that the big banner splashing their name is only going to add to their marketing efforts and not yours.  I want my brand as well as my clients to not be conceived as good as but much better than my competition.