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Did you hear about the time US Airways tweeted a picture of a model airplane inserted in a woman’s vagina as a response to a customer complaint?  Oh that’s right, it wasn’t their fault.  They accidentally shared that picture.

Did you hear about the time Macys had porn posted to their Facebook page for an entire weekend and in the middle of those posts were other posts about their sales and products?  Oh that’s right, it wasn’t their fault, someone else posted those pictures or hacked their account.

The bottom line is both these situations could have been avoided or quickly corrected if someone had been watching the brand.  Companies are quick to jump on the social media bandwagon without having a committed plan to support those efforts.  Someone needs to be assigned (or numerous people) to watching the content that is going out or is posted.  In Macys situation someone had uploaded all sorts of lovely company posts to be automatically posted throughout the weekend which caused people to believe that they were ignoring the porn posts until someone stumbled into the office on Monday, engaged in morning pleasantries while drinking their coffee and finally checked out what was happening on the ole company Facebook page.

Social media isn’t easy and it’s certainly not for the lazy; whether it’s a lazy brand or a lazy social media administrator.  Yes, you can be hacked and mistakes happen but most situations can be avoided.  You have checks and balances for other areas of your business, such as accounting and payroll and someone proofreads the ads before they’re placed.  Why don’t you give your most important tool for brand awareness the same value?

2balance is a team of brand advocates and communications experts.  Our Digital Community Managers are committed to our clients’ social media tools 24/7.  It’s a major commitment that we understand and live by.


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